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23. und 24. März 2011 19h30
Österreichisches Theatermuseum

Tanz: Julia Mach
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18. Mai 2011 - 16h30
Middlesex University London

"Gestures do stay on track for a very long time" - About interdisciplinary aspects in choreography. Research Seminar.

Lecture and choreography: Rose Breuss
Dance: Tamara Kronheim and Andrea Maria Handler

Gestures do not stay on track for a very long time, is the working title of an actual choreography generated from different working material. The theme is the figure of the nymph/fury circling through the history of arts and changing through contradictory and shifted meanings, oscillating in diverse repetitions/variations.
The choreography tries to open up processes around narration and their relation to body states and the shaping of gestures; movement notation sheets represent ideas about mapping the body, shaping the space, releasing dynamics of the body, pulsations in the movements; inspiration is taken from a theoretical background to the structure and function of human memory and embodiment theories.
Presented material:
Dance notations – developed from Labanotation
Short extracts from rehearsals and dancers´ comments.

29.- 30. September 2011 - 20h

OdeonTanz 3 >>>

Orpheus Augenblick (WEA)
Choreographie: Rose Breuss
Libretto und Bühnenbild: Christoph Bochdansky
Tanz: [C.O.V./Cie. Off Verticality]
Pawel Dudus, Juan Dante Murillo Bobadilla,
Andrea Maria Handler, Dorota Lecka
Assistenz: Arnulfo Pardo Ravagli
Musik: Clay McMillan
Klavier: Johannes Marian
Band: Florian Wagner
Licht: Jan Wagner
Video: Johannes Novohradsky
Kostüme: Elisabeth Nielson
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8. und 9. Oktober 2011 - 20h

The Hidden Dimension
Choreographie: Rose Breuss
Tanz: Duo C.O.V.: Jing Li, Malwina Stepien
Video: Johannes Novohradsky.
Download Notations-PDF